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Car Parking

Secure parking for cars.

Parking for bicycles and motorcycles

Convenient parking for bicycles and motorcycles.

Truck and motorhome parking

Parking services for trucks and trailers.

Rent Car

Car and minibus rental.

Trailer rental

Rental of various trailer models.

Tire Storage

Practical tire storage service.

Security of Construction Sites

Organized security for construction sites.

Tire Service

Seasonal tire service.

Sale of Box for Tire Fitting

Sale of mobile tire fitting box.

Container Rental

Container rental for storing belongings during a move.

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Autoport DP offers a comprehensive range of services related to cars, rentals, and parking. You can also park motorcycles, bicycles, trucks, and RVs with us. Take advantage of our tire service during tire changes and leave them for storage.

15 years of experience
4 location

More useful information

You can get a car on the same day.

The choice will depend on the available car options.

How long can a security contract for the property be signed?

The contract can be signed for a month or for a longer period.

What car models are available for rent?

To see the available models, please visit the car rental page. To find out if a specific model is available, write to us in chat, contact us through the contact form, or call us.

Where is the bicycle parking located?

Currently, bicycles and motorcycles can only be parked at the parking lot at Ümera 30.

Is the parking monitored 24/7?

Yes, our parking areas are guarded 24 hours a day, and there is also video surveillance.

Can I reserve a trailer on the same day?

Yes, you can reserve a trailer on the same day. However, this depends on the availability of free trailers.

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