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With us, you’ll find most services related to car rental, trailer rental, and parking.

Rent Car

Car and minibus rental.

Trailer rental

Rental of various trailer models.

Tire Service

Seasonal tire service.

Car parking

Secure parking for cars.

Reliable Car Parking

Daily or long-term parking for cars in Tallinn. Convenient parking locations in Lasnamäe on Yumera, Sinimäe, Radiku, and Peterburi tee streets. To enter the parking area, make a call to a special number.

  • 24H
  • video surveillance
  • 24/7 security
  • secured premises

We Provide parking for bicycles and motorcycles

You can always leave your bicycle or motorcycle under surveillance at our parking lot on Ümera 30. 15 parking spaces in a protected structure are available for your vehicle year-round.

  • Secured area
  • Video surveillance
  • 24H access
  • Protection from precipitation

Trusted Trailer rental

Daily and long-term rental of various trailers at two locations in Tallinn. Our trailer rental service is available at Jümera, Sinimäe, Radiku, and Peterburi tee.

  • Quick booking
  • Various models
  • Flexible terms

We provide Rent Car

Quick rental options for various car models are available. Car rental is possible at Yumera, Sinimäe, Radiku, and Peterburi tee locations.

Trusted Tire Storage

Our convenient tire storage service saves you the hassle of finding a place to store your tires. You can use our tire fitting service and then leave your tires with us for storage in a special facility. This service is available at all our parking locations.

  • Secured area
  • Enclosed space
  • Additional services

Security of Construction Sites

A complete package of services for the security of construction sites. We relieve you from the need to look for workers and a place to accommodate the security team. By signing a contract with us, you will receive a full range of services.

  • 24/7 security
  • Security premises
  • Barrier gate
  • Staff

Tire Service

Seasonal tire fitting is available at Autoport DP, located at Yumera 30 in Lasnamäe. If you live nearby, you can avoid the need to travel elsewhere and, in addition to tire fitting, make use of another service – tire storage.

  • Operating hours from 9-20
  • Experienced staff
  • Reliable equipment
  • Additional services
  • Flexible schedule

Truck and motorhome parking

We offer a unique opportunity to park trucks and RVs for the cold season.

  • Secured parking
  • Video surveillance
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Short-term parking available

Sale of Box for Tire Fitting

Autoport DP offers for sale a mobile tire fitting service. This allows you to offer the service in various locations. The modular tire fitting is completely autonomous and mobile, making it unique.

  • Tire fitting equipment included
  • Mobile
  • Autonomous

Storage container rental

Practical storage service in a container at the Autoport DP parking lot on Ümera 30.

  • Secured area
  • Video surveillance
  • Flexible contract terms

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I change my car’s tires here every season. Reasonable prices and quality.


I always park my truck here when I come to Tallinn for a few days.


There’s a very convenient bicycle parking near the house. It freed me from the need to haul it up in the elevator to my apartment.


Thank you. Through the website chat, it was very quick and easy to book a trailer for rent.


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