What types of trailers are there?

A trailer is a non-motorized vehicle designed for transporting a variety of goods and equipment. It can be attached to different vehicles, from cars and motorcycles to tractors and snowmobiles. There are various types of trailers, each serving a unique purpose:

  • Flatbed trailers are suitable for transporting motorcycles and household goods.
  • Watercraft trailers are used for transporting boats, jet skis, and even yachts.
  • Car and small construction equipment trailers facilitate their transport.
  • Travel trailers provide comfort during trips.
  • Insulated trailers are suitable for transporting food items and can serve as motorhomes after modifications.
  • Animal transport trailers specialize in transporting large and small animals.
  • Specialized trailers, such as for beekeeping or diesel generators, offer convenience in specific niches.
  • Commercial trailers and dump trailers simplify the transport of goods and bulk materials.
  • Tankers are designed for transporting liquids.

Trailers are also classified by weight into light (up to 750 kg) and heavy (751-3500 kg). The latter must be equipped with a braking system and require the driver to have an ‘E’ category license.

It’s important that a trailer is certified and has a registration plate for road travel. This ensures safety and compliance with traffic regulations.