Secure Bicycle Parking: Benefits

Why secure parking for bicycles and motorcycles is convenient:


  • Bicycles and motorcycles are protected from theft.
  • The presence of security ensures reliable surveillance of the vehicles.


  • Parking located near your home makes cycling or motorcycling more convenient, accessible, and comfortable.
  • In covered parking, your vehicle is protected from the weather.

Saving energy and time:

  • The parking process is simple and quick, saving you time.
  • Secure parkings often come equipped with special devices or racks for convenient and safe placement of bicycles and motorcycles.

Additional amenities:

  • Some secure parkings may offer extra services, such as bicycle rental, washing, or repair.
  • Many parkings provide long-term parking or winter storage services.

If you own a two-wheeled vehicle and need bicycle and motorcycle parking in Lasnamäe, come to Autoport DP at Jumera 30.