The tire replacement season has started – switch your tires on time!

In Estonia, it’s time to switch from studded tires to summer tires. By law, this needs to be done by May 1st.

Starting March 20th, seasonal tire service has begun at our parking lot at Jumera 30. Don’t delay this task; book the service in advance to do it at the most convenient time for you.

The service is available from 9 am to 8 pm every day of the week. Autoport DP’s tire service is open daily, with no days off. To book a service appointment, you can contact us in any way that’s convenient for you:

  • Call us at 56667467
  • Contact us through chat on our website
  • Fill out the contact form on our contact page
  • Complete the service booking form on the tire service page

Additionally, we offer related services. You can leave your tires for storage at all our parking facilities. Storing tires at Autoport DP frees you from having to find storage space and transport the tires for replacement in the fall.

The right tires not only ensure safety on the road but also help save fuel:

  1. Safety first. With the new season, road conditions change. Our specialists will help choose the perfect tires for your car, ensuring maximum grip on the road.
  2. Fuel savings. The right tires reduce fuel consumption. This is beneficial for your wallet and the environment.
  3. Professional approach. We use only modern equipment and follow the latest technologies in tire services.
  4. Convenience for you. We offer a quick and high-quality tire change at a time convenient for you. Don’t delay, caring for your tires is caring for your safety.
  5. Additional services. You can leave tires for disposal or use our storage locker if you have nowhere to store winter tires for the season.

Don’t let the weather catch you off guard! Order the seasonal tire service today and drive confidently in any weather. Visit Autoport DP, call, or book an appointment through our booking forms or chat. Remember, your safety on the road starts with the right tires!